Crowdbrite Available to Provide Feedback on the Bio-Regional Assessment!

On May 30, 2013 the Sierra Cascades Dialog was held in Sacramento, California to learn about, gain understanding, and provide feedback on the Draft Bio-Regional Assessment for the Sierra Cascades Bio-Region .  Participants met in small groups to discuss the five overarching themes identified in the bio-regional assessment: water quality and quantity, fire resilience, ecological integrity, sustainable recreation, and community resilience.  To capture feedback during the Dialog, participants used an interactive computer application called “Crowdbrite.”

Ideas submitted on Crowdbrite appear in real-time as virtual “sticky notes” on a “project canvas.” A project canvas was created for each of the five themes identified in the bio-regional assessment. Virtual “sticky notes” allowed participants to contribute ideas on each theme including: “what’s working,” “what needs to be strengthened,” “what’s missing,” and “other.” 

Crowdbrite will continue to be offered through June 15, 2013 as a convenient way to continue providing feedback on the Draft Bio-Regional Assessment.  We encourage you to build on the feedback provided at the Dialog by placing sticky notes on the project canvases developed for each theme.  This interactive application continuously updates in real-time and allows you to create summary reports at any point in time.

To visit the Crowdbrite website please click here:

Once you’re on the website, scroll down the main page and underneath the heading “USFS Bishop” click on any of the five themes (or the summary) to provide your feedback using the sticky notes. For more detailed instructions, please visit

In addition to the Crowdbrite website, two additional venues are available to provide feedback on the Draft Bio-Regional Assessment:

  • The “Living Assessment” will remain open throughout      the Forest Planning process and is available for your contributions to      the 15 topic papers.  These 15 topic papers represent one of the      three critical components in assessing the Sierra Cascades Bio-Region (the      Bio-Regional Assessment and Forest-level Assessments are the other two      critical components).  To access the Living Assessment website click      here: .  Once you’re on      this website click on “Living Assessment” from the homepage. 
  • Through June 15. 2013, a virtual “mailbox” has been created for additional      feedback on the Draft Bio-Regional Assessment:


We appreciate your time and feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

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