Value Mapping

The Values Mapping Tools have not yet been operationalized.
But we're working on it!

We do have three examples, which are listed below.  We are pursuing each option independently. 

Option 1: MAPCHAT/Collaborative Mapping Tool - developed by Forest Service in D.C., currently in beta testing phase

Option 2: Landscape Values mapping - developed by a university professor in New Zealand who has worked with the Forest Service for years, currently awaiting refinement of specifications

Option 3: FS Map Services - GSTC (Geospatial Services Technology Center) in Salt Lake City serves up GIS data that can be consumed by a variety of viewers, currently piloting this functionality using walking routes on Mare Island as a test dataset.


MAPCHAT/Collaborative Mapping Tool for Forest Planning

Want to share place-based comments, values, or information with the Forest Service and the public?  Want to see what others have to say and respond to it? 


The Forest Service has developed a web-based PPGIS (public participation geographic information system) system (CMT) to meet at least the following basic objectives:

  • Enhance public’s ability to access non-sensitive agency GIS information in a structured manner using current internet mapping tools (likely Google maps).
  • Provide a system for mutual recording and sharing of spatially-referenced non-sensitive information within the above.
  • Provide a system for recording and sharing of comments between and among members of the public, affected stakeholders, and the agency.
  • Provide additional opportunities for enhanced place-based, formal content analysis of comments and information.


Landscape Value Mapping

[Organization name] and University collaborators have developed a public participation GIS system to help assess landscape values for the forest planning process in CA.  Households [or youth, or RACs, etc.]  were invited to identify their values and land use preferences for the Sierra, Inyo, and Sequoia National Forests. Here is an example of what they can do: Southland Participatory Mapping Results; Coconino survey demo.


FS Map Service Viewer (note: this beta-viewer is currently only available within FS network - we're working on getting it live)

This is an example that shows walking routes around the Regional Office, using the FS Map Service Viewer with ESRI's imagery layer. The link points to a sample URL that GSTC generated using the FS Map Service Viewer custom map builder, and shows the "walking routes" map service on top of ESRI's imagery basemap layer. This link point directly to the map service itself This is where you could consume the service in your own viewer. So the question is: can we do this for forest planning GIS layers, enabling people to mash-up a multitude of various layers from different sources, and create maps that help share new insights?


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