How to Blog

How do I post a blog?

On the home page, scroll down to the BLOGS section, and at the botton, click "add a blog post."  Or, navigate to the BLOGS page using the header links along the top, and click "ADD" in the top right corner.  Or, click "blog post" from your "My Page." 


What is a blog?

Blog is short for "web log" — an online documentation of your personal thoughts, ideas, and experiences. A blog is usually in written form, but can be enhanced by links, images, and videos. Entries tend to be personal and based on opinion, and are usually about a specific issue or subject area.


What should I Blog about? 

  • Tell stories:  Use rich descriptions to describe an experience and your thoughts and reflections.  What happened?  How were you feeling? What was it like?  Did you have an "Aha moment," or moment of clarity, where you gained real wisdom based on your experiences?  Use humor and personalize your stories!
  • Share opinions and ideas:  Have an opinion about a topic or issue?  Ideas on how to solve a problem?  Then start writing your editorial comentary and let us know!  Just remember to adhere to our common sense Code of Conduct.
  • Refer to external sites through links: Find an interesting articles, news story, video, or other online resource that you found facinating?  Provide a link with short description, and even share your impressions.  (Not sure how to link to an external site?  Check this out.)


Blogging Tips

  • Post Frequently and Consistently: If people know when to expect updates, they will remember to visit your blog regularly! Try to come up with a schedule – for example, you could commit to posting one full entry each Monday morning.
  • Keep it Short: Sometimes, people are more likely to read frequent, short updates rather than long essays. Plus, it is less work for you to post a shorter update.
  • Include Photos and Videos:  Your post will be easier to read and more visually appealing if you insert some related images or photos. You can use a digital camera, cell phone, or scanner to share interesting photos of your experiences. The Videos feature on OurForestPlace allows you to upload videos and share them across the web. You can embed videos from popular video services like YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo. Once your videos are uploaded, you can embed them or link to them from your blog.
  • Tag Your Blog: Don't forget to tag your blog, photos, and videos with descriptive words to help people search for them!


Is it OK for a Federal Employee to Blog?


Yes. The only caveat is that -- as in any form of communications -- federal employees must remain in compliance with the Hatch Act, which limits some political communications. You can read the Hatch Act rules as they apply to the use of social media by federal employees on the Office of Special Counsel website.



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