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     The idea for OurForestPlace came about when a group of Forest Service planners were brought together to create a regional assessment for California that embraces the intent of the Proposed 2011 Planning Rule and the groundswell of collaborative efforts throughout the region.  This group of planners realized early on that the traditional assessment product - a static document informed by public and stakeholder involvement only at limited, predefined points - restricts its very usefulness and success. We needed to shift the focus from the product to the process. Through consultation with federal, state, local government and non-government groups it became clear that a successful assessment is the by-product of a robust, collaborative process.


    OurForestPlace is designed be a focal point for the collaborative process in the virtual world.  It allows stakeholders to be engaged in a transparent way, share ownership in the process and foster a community of learning to capitalize on shared knowledge. 


     Importantly, OurForestPlace is not meant to exist in isolation, but rather as venue to complement the existing dialog, like the Sierra Cascades Dialog, and provide a virtual space for collaboration to continue and evolve.


     The Our Forest Place website is not a one-stop-shop for land management planning in California, but it's a very useful hub, and a great community. It is an informational and discussion-based social networking website that acts as a window to theLivingAssessment wiki, upcoming events, and other tools, some of which are still being refined.


     We are a community of people who care about forests and forest resources in California. Together we’re part of environmental organizations, the timber industry, academia, federal, state and local governments, and more. We’re urban and rural, young and older. And OurForestPlace is where we meet.

      If you share our passion, we urge you to join the OurForestPlace community. Your involvement energizes the community and contributes to the critically important dialogue about CA forests and resources. You are invited to participate in the conversations here, whether in one of our Groups, in a topical Discussion thread, or on a Blog. Be sure to share your knowledge or learn about a new topic on the LivingAssessment.


     Haven't joined yet?  Become a member for full access!


Other websites using this technology in a similar way are:

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