Do you have any suggestions for making this community better? 
Things you'd like to see? 
Things that are working well? 
Things that are confusing? 

C'mon - speak up !! this is YOUR network. 

Don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings!  this is a new experience for all of us and we are all learning a lot, together, as we move forwards.

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Looks cleaner already. Thanks. Look forward to further simplification.


ya Cynthia, i forgot to thank you for that list of ideas you emailed !! good stuff !!

I like the cleaner menus and organization.  Assume we'll clean up the Living Assessment link once we get the wording for the intermediate page.  Good job.

I feel that the Wiki is a great tool for collaboration.  This is especially true for specialists like me who are located at a remote office from where the project is taking place.  I hope the region will continue to support the Wiki effort.  I haven’t seen much public use of the Wiki however; I feel that the public will catch on if we give this pilot-project time to mature.



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